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Reduce Calories in Your Hot Beverage or Treat

 What a lovely setting somewhere in the world! Whether it is High Tea or an afternoon stop, we invariably look for ways to minimize the added sugars and solid fats (those solid at room temperature and also highly caloric) in your daily "happy" treat regime. 

Maybe it's the weekend splurge and all is beautifully set.  Reducing the "urge" for a potently sugary or high fat snack IS AS EASY AS repeatedly offering a lower degree of the treat.  Here are a few tips:

Choose 1/2 portions  of your treat; alternate sips with water or steamed milk. 

Know calories      of your treat (or the carb and fat and protein equivalent portions it equals) AND ask your Barista for ways to lower the fat content. Many exist.

Pick your favorite spices and seasonings      then add these to foam on coffee, hot cocoa, 1% hot milk of any variety, tea,   or baked "goodie", to build extra zero-calorie taste to your drink or treat.  

Examples include: chocolate shavings, vanilla sugar, citrus zest, doubling the Chai flavoring using nutmeg or cardamom. 

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