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Whether you want to become more aware of what hinders your health goals, evaluate your diet for nutritional balance, or are challenged by constant weight management barriers, adults and their families are what we offer health management for:

Below is a list of suggested reasons to make an appointment with a Stepwise Health, Wellness Dietitian:


Not sure what healthy eating habits are

Exercise regime or Menu needs

Situational Stressors are barriers to my health or my family's health or my significant other's health (short term or long term)

Strongly Disliked food groups

​Calorie Restriction​makes food and fluids unpleasant? 

​Strongly disliked health habits you may have been told are "essential" to your success?

​​Rigid structure that mentally grinds over time, but you have to get that done for weight loss?

​Swapping sleep for hours of exercise?

Post-surgery without follow-up nutrition or Dietitian visits (gall bladder removal, major heart surgery, back surgery, limb amputation)



​We have 21 years of family, long-term care and clinical experience, cooking classes, menu writing, and have published in Weight Matters magazine.

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