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Exercise and Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Arthritis and Aging Joints in General

​We want to live a healthier lifestyle; and the health professionals ask us to use lifestyle if we want to lower our medication use. True enough?

​Then we set a couple New Year's Resolutions and are sure we can fit in the gym three days a week.  Or at least we can stretch in the morning.

​How long does it take to realize that we are really stiff after 45 years or 50?  During different seasons of the year, we surely do not feel as young as we did when we agreed to exercise three days a week.

​Solutions anyone? 

One is to write a note to yourself or put your workout weights on the kitchen table or the bathroom mirror.  Set the timer and go!  The American Council on Exercise states that physical activity boosts endorphins, the feel good hormones, giving one a heightened sense of wellbeing. Think of yourself with the following adjectives: 

​Stronger - Better - Faster - More Stable - Powerful

​Another solution involves making the stiffness decrease with stretching and incorporating more anti-inflammatory foods into your diet. Below is a list of some you may like and some you might like to try. These have omega 3 fatty acids in them, known to decrease inflammatory factors produced by the body or antioxidants. The bright colors in plant-based foods come from pigments that are also beneficial to health. You have correctly heard the phrase "the brighter color, the better". 

Fish -- Walnuts -- Chia Seeds

​Tumeric -- Cinnamon -- Ginger -- Garlic

​Fruits and Vegetables 

​Once we start the joints moving, they often feel much better. Ice on the joint for several minutes can bring relief if they are stiff before exercise - or simply working the joints with movement lends the body a more comfortable day than without the stretching and movement before the less active day.  Renewed focus on anti-inflammatory foods can help one feel more ready to be active as well, fulfilling the desires we initially had when setting up lifestyle changes any time of year.  I encourage you to stick with it. You only got one body. The best health  you can get is part of your wealth.

​**Please comment by sending me an email or contact note about other subjects or tidbits you would find helpful. We may set an appointment to talk in more depth.**


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