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Do you have enough reason(s) to reduce portions and limit high-calorie foods?





    What a view here! The American Diabetes Association (2016) has a variety of resources that show how much exercise the typical person must expend

     to burn the following foods. Yes!  These are portion and typical favorites, not "bad" foods. Consider pizza with a hand-tossed crust and cheesecake with a plain graham crust.  Know this: everyone has calorie needs. We do not just eat to burn off our calories. However, looking at balance in our daily intakes, there may be some eyes opened by the fact that "some can be more than our stomachs need to take on" during one sitting regularly. 

     Send me out an email if you have any specific questions; this is great information!


    Contact me about other foods you are interested in knowing about.

      Food                                                      Miles (vigorous steps)


     2 chocolate peanut butter cups              2.8 miles


     three-scoop sundae                                9.0 miles


     movie theater popcorn

     (medium, buttered)                                11 miles


     can of soda pop                                      1.7 miles


     1 glazed donut hole                                .5 miles


      There we go.  My hope is that we all consider - thoroughly enjoying - small amounts of what we consider "good stuff" and continue to build better habits with managing our overall health as it creeps along.   We all benefit from learning new things!      



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