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Exercise and Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Arthritis and Aging Joints in General

​We want to live a healthier lifestyle; and the health professionals ask us to use lifestyle if we want to lower our medication use. True enough?

​Then we set a couple New Year's Resolutions and are sure we can fit in the gym three days a week.  Or at…

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Adequate Vitamin D and Pre-Diabetes/Seasonality Risk Reduction


Two-thirds of the United State's and Australia's population are obese. As we age, commonly we are unaware of the growing risk of pre-diabetes through multiple risk factors.  Sure, we all think that we can - and often are - eat healthily and heartily. To that end, remember that our body-mind co…

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Now, why would I need guidance for improved health?

Whether you want to become more aware of what hinders your health goals, evaluate your diet for nutritional balance, or are challenged by constant weight management barriers, adults and their families are what we offer health management for:

Below is a list of suggested reasons to make an appointm…

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